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As with our Website Hosting, our Email Hosting is an Unlimited Plan!

This is because, here at CCITS, we always aim to provide the best service for the cheapest prices.

This means that we do not restrict the mailbox size of any of our mailboxes – you are free to send and receive as much email as you like! This is in contrast to Microsoft Outlook (free) 5GB limit, Google Mail (free) 15GB limit and Microsoft Exchange (paid) 50GB limit.

Also, with our email hosting, you not only get access to our email systems but the following useful tools too:

  • Yamb – Internal Messaging Service
  • Disk – Cloud Storage Solution
  • People – People Directory
  • Wiki – An internal Wikipedia and knowledgebase for your company
  • Forms – Tool to create online forms for customers and clients to fill in
  • Calendar – A personal and company calendar


As we mentioned before, here at CCITS we pride ourselves on providing the best experience for the cheapest possible price, and as a result, we only charge a £5 activation fee (billed separately), and then £2.50 per user per month, for access to all of the features mentioned above.

Just for a comparison, here are the prices from some of our competitors:

Google’s G Suite: £6.60 per user per month (for unlimited storage)

Microsoft’s 365 Business: £3.80 per user per month (for similar service)


Contractual Agreement:

Here at CCITS, we don’t like to tie you down into any agreements that mean you feel trapped – as such, all of our products are on 30 day rolling contracts, meaning you can cancel any time! But we make it even easier than most other companies – if you should want to cancel your subscription with us, there aren’t any forms you have to fill in, and complex phone calls you have to go through, you simply don’t pay the next invoice we send you (we always request invoices to be paid 5 days before the next calendar month starts).

For more information about our cancellations, you should contact us by emailing: [email protected] with the subject “Cancellation Query”


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