Cogent Media

Website Design

We can design you a website from scratch to match your needs

We want your website to be exactly how you envisioned it. This is why we work tirelessly on every detail, no matter how small, to ensure that you are 100% happy with your site once it’s done. We’ll have a sit-down discussion with you (or a Skype call if you’d prefer) to just chat about the basic premise of your site with things such as colours, layout, font all decided upon.

We’ll then go away and set our design team the exciting task of creating a website to your exact specification while throwing in a few things they feel will work well too!

Once that’s all done, we’ll send you a link and then visit you for another chat, where you can tell us what you like, dislike and request any changes you would like.

We keep repeating this last stage until there are no more changes you need. And voila, you have your brand new website!

We have 2 plan options available for our design:

Basic: Based on one of our existing templates, running on the WordPress backend.

Advanced: Based on one of our existing templates, or we can create you a brand new one, running on your choice of the WordPress backend or pure HTML code.

To make an enquiry, please fill out this form and one of our Sales Representatives will be happy to assist you!